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Eternal Knights of Eden I:

Enjoy some extra lore regarding some aspects of the world of Eden. This information may not be vital to the story, but it should be enjoyable nonetheless.




Our story begins with an unnamed world is a distant galaxy, where the laws of nature are different than our own.
This world had been ravaged by war for millennia, as the various sentient races of the planet fought amongst each other for everything from resources, to love, to simple psychotic rage.
This continued until, one day, a celestial being of unfathomable power fell from the sky and chose to make the world its home.
This is Eden. He saw this world ravaged by strife and discord, and chose to intervene. With a tremendous showing of force, he made the warring races pause, and brought their leaders together. He did not allow then to leave until they reached a peace agreement, which they soon did.
As a reward for the peace these people had found, Eden used his power to replenish the world's resources to such a plentiful amount, it would be tens of millenia at least before there would ever be a concern again.
Because of this, the people of the world named their planet after him, and built Eden temples all across the world, and building his home in the heart of the supercontinent in the human capital of Corallina.
The Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Nekomata, and Marquis races hailed Eden as their god, and devoted their lives to following his teachings, bringing thousands of years of peace to the world, until the Great War...
For his part, Eden is a mortal sentient being of enormous power. His race lives for hundreds of thousands of years, to be sure, but they are indeed mortal.
Eden believes in life and harmony, and seeks to avoid conflict whenever possible. His great power comes from the ability to summon magical energy from the cosmic background, giving him nearly infinite reserves of spiritual power.
Eden seems to be purely benevolent, and has steered his new people onto the path of prosperity and harmony all throughout his long reign.
No one living but the Arch-bishop of Eden has actually lain eyes directly on the celestial being, so his actual appearance is unknown.




After many millenia of peace and prosperity brought on by Eden's arrival on the now namesake planet, the nation of Tenemos, home of the long-lived Mitra people, had begun to feel a sense of discord against their northern human kin for their seemingly preferential treatment by Eden. They felt they were superior to their shorter-lived kin, and tension was rising.
This was when Belial arrived on the world, just outside of the Tenemos capital of Zion. At first, the people of Tenemos celebrated the arrival of Belial, believing they had been chosen by the celestial being for some great destiny.
They were quickly proven wrong.
Belial was his race's avatar of corruption. His very presence poisoned the land and all he came in contact with, bending their very DNA and consciousness to his will. Belial saw the prosperity his kin Eden had brought to the world, and decided he would bring it all down.
Belial took the capital in one fell swoop, his miasma taking the city and corrupting all to his will in a matter of hours. All at once, Belial had a fortress and the world's most powerful army at his command.
Belial launched a merciless campaign against the world, driving north as Eden and his followers hesitated to stand against him until it was nearly too late.
When he was finally driven back to the point of defeat, Belial launched a scorched-earth style last stand, detonating his very essence over the nation of Tenemos, killing all forces fighting on the border, and rendering the entire nation uninhabitable.
After his kamikaze last stand, Belial has been presumed dead, and for three thousand years since the end of the war, no sign of him has been seen since.
In spite of this, vestiges of the corruption poisoning the land continue to trickle out of the now named Deadlands, terrorizing the people of Eden and reminding them of the terror wrought by Belial.

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The most notable face of Eden is the Ceraph Order. An organization of warriors who have devoted their lives to the service of Eden and the protection of the people. The Ceraph Order holds allegience to no nation, and follow Eden's doctrine under the leadership of an Order Master handpicked by Eden himself.
The Ceraph Order consists of hundreds, or even thousands of personnel, ranging from soldiers to support personnel, but only a handful of their ranks ever actually bear the title of Ceraph.
The Ceraphs themselves are sworn servants who have undergone a trial with an Angel of Eden, passed, and now bear the soul of the Angel within themselves. These warriors possess enhanced magical and physical abilities as the Angel feeds on their soul in exchange for these increased capabilities. In times of extreme danger, the Ceraph is even able to summon the Angel itself into combat.
The Ceraph Order was originally formed during the Great War of Temenos, when the Celestial of Corruption, Belial, seemed certain to overrun the world. Eden had decided he could remain uninvolved no longer, and ordered the creation of this order, sending his Ceraphs to the front lines to halt, and eventually push back Belial. It could be said that in spite of aid by Erita and Dorim, the war was really won by the Ceraphs.
In the three thousand years since the war, the Ceraph order now operates mostly independantly of the ever quiet Eden, sending its members to investigate and purge any vestige of corruption that finds its way back into the civilized world. However, they are constantly on the lookout for Belial's return, ready to answer the call should war ever break out again.





In the center of the continent lies the human nation of Alastair. It is home to a population of over 8 million Humans and Mitra, along with a few tens of thousands of citizens of other races. The Humans of Eden have inhabited the center of the continent aince the beginning of recorded history.
The northern stretch of Alastair is endless miles of rolling plains, gentle mountains, and vast forests. It is a beatiful region populated by a number of cities and villages, both walled and open. The largest of these cities is the Alastair capital of Corallina: A vast, walles in supercity built on, in, and around a large lonely hill in the northwest of the nation. North Alastair is also home to the Citadel of the Ceraph Order.
Along the equatorial band of Alastair is the [unnamed] mountain range. Only two known passes exist through the mountains, which are home to some of Alastair's most dangerous beasts. Multiple dragons are known to make their home in the mountains, but thankfully, they stay to themselves. At the south edge of these passes lies a pair of military-occupied fortress cities named Broadspring and Iron Vale, and they are, responsible for keeping the beasts of the south from migrating through the passes.
The southern reaches of Alastair are as diverse and beautiful as it is deadly. The southern reaches are home to massive lakes, plateaus, canyons, desert, plains, and just about every terrain you can imagine. As only a quarter or less of Alastair's population lives in this region, the wild beasts run rampant, making the region extremely dangerous.
The southern reaches proximity to the Temenos Deadlands also presents an even greater danger. Corrupted wildlife from the deadlands constantly surge into south Alastair, and the military and Ceraph Order together spend most of their time doing everything in their power to hold the tide of corruption back.
In spite of the dangers of the world, Alastair is a booming nation of great prosperity, and its population is considered to be generally happy and content. Alastair always fears the day, however, when the corruption from the south awakens and rears its head once again.





Erita is the home of the proud Elmeri people and their Drameri brethren. Erita is a vast nation on the east side of the Eden supercontinent, and their culture is vastly different from the nation of Alastair.

Erita is divided into several large distinct regions. The northern band of Erita is much like northern Alastair. The climate is mild, and the region is almost entirely vast plains and forests. The exception being the northern coastline, where the temperature stays near freezing most of the year due to some unknown weather phenomenon. The northern plains have few dangerous beasts, and are easily kept safe by standard patrols.

The Erita capital of Sora also sits in this northern region. Sora is a massive megalopolis situated in the middle of the plains, with tiered architecture having the poorer citizens and discriminated Drameri livig near the walled borders of the city, and the Elmeri nobles and aristocrats living closer to the middle, near the Holy Capitol complex.

South of the plains lies the Lorien Mountains. Here, the fauna become more aggressive and dangerous. The mountains are home to a number of Erita's more aggressive species, and civilian travel in the region is generally prohibited.

In the center of the nation sits the Great Armaros Desert. This region's hostility rivals that of the Temenos Deadlands, as some of the Eden's most dangerous beasts make their home in the vast desert. There are no sanctioned settlements in the desert, and only military outposts and outlaws choose to take residence here.

South of the Great Armaros Desert lies the second mountain range, known as the Galandel Mountains. Nearly identical to the Lorien mountains to the north, Galandel's only notable differences are the larger and even more aggressive varieties of Lorien's beasts, and the presence of Mt. Kasai: A dormant volcano held as sacred by the people of Erita, and also serving as a popular tourist location.

In the southern plains lies Erita's second populated region. The sub-capital of Valencian City sits on the southern coastline by the Gulf of Shizune. The Gulf of Shizune is the nation's most popular tourist location, bordered by the Temenos Deadlands to the west, and by the Barachiel Peninsula to the east. A very heavy military presence keeps the region safe for civilians, and the Shizune Plains region almost functions as its own second nation.





The nation of Pandora sits far to the west of Alastair. Geographically, Pandora is a massive collection of mountains and dense forests, untouched by the outside world. This is where the reclusive Nekomata and Junmeri make their home.

Pandora's capital of Alsos Grove sits in the west half of the nation, and is the only urban center occupied by the Nekomata. Even here, they retain their natural wooden architecture, so even their city feels like part of the forests they call home.

Nekomata culture is a great mystery due to their reclusive nature, but what is known is that they are a collection of tribes living in villages spread throughout the forests and mountains, but they all owe allegience to a queen who lives in Alsos Grove. Their population is extremely disproportionate, with most of the known population being female. The number of outsiders who have actually seen a male Nekomata are few, as they seem to have their own village and never venture outside of their borders. it is believed that once a female has decided to bear children, she either visits the male villages and selects a mate, or else seeks a male of another race, as Nekomata can bear children of any humanoid race.

In spite of their reclusive nature, the Nekomata do have a standing mlitary, and even a small airfleet. They only possess a handful of larger capital ships, with their carriers serving as transports for their gunships, and the bulk of their fleet is made of the smaller Frigate, Destroyer, or Corvette class vessels. This reflects the Nekomata's nature as fast, nimble hunters, as they prefer smaller and more agile ships to the cruisers and dreadnaughts of the eastern nations.

While not overtly hostile to the other nations, Pandora nevertheless does not welcome outsiders. On the rare occasions outsiders do venture into Pandora's borders, the border tribes tend to encourage them to finish their business quickly and leave. The only outsiders who seem remotely welcome within their borders are the Ceraph Order, as the Nekomata constantly deal with an influx of corrupted beasts invading from the southeast.

While Pandora does recognize Eden as the planet's ruling deity, the Nekomata are the only race that also worships the planet itself. They believe the planet's natural spiritual or magical energy is a result of a sentient living core, and the Nekomata worship the living planet as the goddess Diosia.





In the northern-most stretches of Eden lies the Dorim Mountains, home of the Termer Collective. The Termer Collective is a loose association of various tribes of beings known as the Termer. The Termer tribes are spread across thousands of miles of mountains, and while some are very reclusive, working on their creations in isolation, many of the tribes frequently meet and trade with the outside world, and the Termer capital of ****** even serves as a high-volume fleet and technology production and trading center between the Termer and the other nations.

The Termer themselves are what you might refer to as dwarves. In appearance, they are little different than the humans to their south, except that they are naturally very stocky, and even the tallest are a head shorter than the average human. The Termer are unique in that they are almost always incapable of wielding spiritual magic. Their intelligence, however, is much higher than the average inhabitant of Eden, and they are capable of incredible creative feats.

In fact, the Termer were originally responsible for the technological implementation of Magicore and artificial magic engines.

The Termer are so similar to humans, in fact, that they are believed to be distant relatives, changed by millennia of evolution. Their constant exposure to ambient magic in the mountains would have caused them to develop a resistance to magic, and an unfortunate inability to wield it as a side effect. Their small, stocky stature is likely a result of their mountain-dwelling lifestyle, evolving to be more capable of navigating the tight caverns and steep cliffs requiring great strength to traverse.

The Termer worship Eden like the rest of the world, although they are not as pious as most. They show their reverence by trading their technology, enabling the other races to better defend themselves. Aside from trade, they keep to themselves, and Termer who decide to explore the world are viewed as eccentric and strange.




In the world of Eden, a great percentage of the humanoid population is able to wield spiritual energy in the form of magic, and even certain feral creatures have developed this ability as well. This occurred as a result of the very planet they live upon. You see, the planet itself is more of a living being than a traditional planet. The core of the planet radiates an aura of spiritual power that, over millions of years, influenced the development of life on its surface until now, magic has essentially become a given, and can be found in most aspects of daily life.

This power can manifest in many different ways, limited only by the wielder's ability to control and focus the energy. The power to wield fire, ice, water, lightning, wind, and other elements is common among skilled mages and warriors, and some are even able to wield light and shadows as weapons.

In addition to offensive magicks, spiritual power has found its way into other facets of life as well. Support magicks can massively accelerate a body's healing, or increase strength and durability, speed, or even manipulate gravity to make life easier. It is not even unheard of for magic wielders to be able to manipulate minds and control or calm others.

The presence of magic cause technology on Eden to develop in an unusual direction, as the presence of magic made many technologies we take for granted unnecessary or even useless. This is how the world of Eden cane to be.




Rho is the first angel we see in the Eternal Knights of Eden novelization. Rho is the sentient embodiment of lightning energy manifesting from the planet's own lifeforce as a legendary eagle of pure magic energy.

Rho has long been the ancestral Angel of the Edenkin bloodline, or those descended from the first Ceraph appointed by Eden. Throughout history, every single possessor of Rho has been a direct descendant of this first Ceraph, and Shaide Darkmoon is no exception.

Rho is considered to be in the middle or possibly even upper tier of angels as far as raw power, but the cost of wielding him is correspondingly great as well. Few mortal bodies can withstand long-term use of Rho's power, and as a result most of Rho's possessors, despite being of the long-lived Mitera ancestry, only live to their early hundreds at best.

Nonetheless, Rho grants his partner tremendous power, giving them naturally higher potential speed and agility, and making the wielding of lightning magicks substantially easier. As a flying Angel, Rho may also serve as a form of short-term transportation for his partner, allowing them to fly on his back in certain scenarios.

In spite of his history, Shaide seems to be an exception to many of Rho's norms. Shaide is of the Edenkin bloodline, but aside from this, he seems an unusual partner. He recovered from the merging unnaturally fast, and his ability to harmonize with Rho's power so easily means that Shaide may very well have few consequences of using this particular Angel. Only time will tell...




Theta is an unusual Angel. Making her home in Mt. Kasai, she has been historically almost impossible to partner with. Believed to be nearly on par with the fabled archangels in raw power, Theta has wound up killing or crippling nearly every Ceraph to cross her path. The number of Ceraphs who have bore Theta can be counted on a single hand. The conditions for passing Theta's test are unclear, as purely defeating Theta in combat seems impossible.
Theta is the embodiment of fire and rebirth. Her offensive power is mindblowing, and her original partner in the great war was able to down capital ships with her power. In addition to her intense offensive abilities, she also bears a number of support magicks. She is able to rapidly heal her Ceraph's injuries in combat, and has been shown to be able to pull people back from near death.
Theta also has a temperamental personality at best. Even when partnered with a Ceraph, her mood varies depending on the day. This being said, Theta has an interesting relationship with Rho the Thunderbird. Theta has historically always performed best when her Ceraph works with the bearer of Rho, showing us that these angels are not mindless beasts, and have likes and dislikes of their own.

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