Eternal Knights of Eden
Volume 1: Guardians

April 4th, 2019

Thousands of years ago on the planet Eden, a war between two godlike beings devastated the nation of Temenos and wiped out its people, the Mitera. Ever since, a corrupting miasma has threatened the land, turning nearby inhabitants and beasts into grotesque, violent forms.

When Shaide Darkmoon, one of the last Mitera, loses his parents to the corruption, he is forced to leave his best friend, the shy elven girl Amari, and begin training as a soldier in the human army.

All he wants to do is survive, but through a twist of fate, he will come to wield a power of unimaginable strength.

This power will be needed like never before, for a darkness is rising in the ruins of Temenos, and it will not stop until its corruption has spread to every corner of Eden.

Eternal Knights of Eden
Volume II: Angels Fall

Release Date: September 1st, 2019

The Adventure continue as Shaide, Amari, and all of their friends embark on a new adventure together. Discover the nation of Pandora and the reclusive Nekomata as their nation falls desperately in need.

Afterward, discover more about the near mythological Archangels as our heroes embark on a dangerous adventure to the Deadlands  of Temenos after a mysterious young woman awakens with no memory of her past or self.

Eternal Knights of Eden III


More information to come soon



Release Date: July 2019
Strange shadow creatures are appearing outside of a small Oklahoma town, and a mysterious woman seems drawn to Adam Blackwell. Unbeknownst to any of them, this chain of events will set in motion an apocalyptic story unlike anything you have read before.
Read A.S.Guinn's first ever work as the first part of an epic trilogy with a grand finale worthy of the anime that inspires his work

Shadows of Loneshire

Release TBA, 2019

Welcome to Loneshire, Oklahoma. You won't find it on any map, and you won't find it online, but it is real.

Adam Scott and Leon Joseph think they have moved to Loneshire for a peaceful life and good jobs.

When they encounter a supernatural anomaly and people begin disappearing, they must work together to discover an old secret that some want to remain hidden, or they may never leave Loneshire again.

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