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"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau

About Alexander

Storyteller at Heart

I come from a modest middle class family from the heart of Oklahoma, USA.

I was always a little different, and my ADHD was only the beginning of this. I was bullied heavily in school, and I tended to live inside of my own imagination rather than focus on my schoolwork. With my difficulty focusing, I would have never expected to become a writer.

When I was a young adult, I discovered a fondness for text-based role playing games. Before long, my friends had me developing the stories we would play.

After some time, I decided to try my hand at translating our stories to a manuscript, and discovered an unexpected fondness for writing.

Now I spend my days off in my Oklahoma home, writing my stories for the world to read.


Eternal Knights of Eden

Volume I: Guardians

now available on Amazon

Available in Paperback and eBook, and now HARDCOVER.


Thousands of years ago on the planet Eden, a war between two godlike beings devastated the nation of Temenos and wiped out its people, the Mitera. Ever since, a corrupting miasma has threatened the land, turning nearby inhabitants and beasts into grotesque, violent forms.


When Shaide Darkmoon, one of the last Mitera, loses his parents to the corruption, he is forced to leave his best friend, the shy elven girl Amari, and begin training as a soldier in the human army.


All he wants to do is survive, but through a twist of fate, he will come to wield a power of unimaginable strength.


This power will be needed like never before, for a darkness is rising in the ruins of Temenos, and it will not stop until its corruption has spread to every corner of Eden.

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